Carrier Planning Seminar

The committee is highly delighted to inform that Carrirer Planning seminar was a great success. The two hours program was conducted in D hall (Mechanical Department) and the speakers were Prof. M. C Luitel, Er. Y. P Gaire and Er. Ayush Parajuli.
Prof M. C Luitel’s part of the seminar was centered towards academic. This segment included mostly the future of Mechanical engineering ranging in a local and global aspect and solving engineering problems. Whereas Er. Y. P Gaire included the financial management struggles he faced as an entrepreneur and how he transitioned his mechanical skills to civil engineering skills as his own organization demanded it. And to wrap-up Er. Ayush Parajuli added what exactly a mechanical engineering pass out should do and the importance of self evaluation before doing anything. Also this part indicated the application of engineering knowledge in industry or other fields.
Any comment about the program and any new ideas are highly welcomed.
Below are some glimpses of yesterday’s event       

New committee Members announcement

We are delighted to announce the new committee members for the 2017/18 tenure on SOMES. Our new members have a range of backgrounds in communication, marketing and finance. We are more than joyous to hear about their visions and ideas for the betterment of committee and whole Mechanical Department.

Please join us in welcoming the following individuals to the SOMES committee:


Raman Ghimire – President


Yadav Adhikari – Vice President/ Project Manager


Raj Kumar Gurung – External Relation Manager/ Business Developer


Nemish Atreya – Finance Manager


Kshitiz Bohara – Marketing Manager


Aditya Amatya – Human Resource Manager


Sirjana Pun – Logistics Manager


Siddartha Shakya – Vice Human Resource Manager


Resham Adhikari Thapa – Secretary


Best wishes to the members for their fructiferous tenure in the committee.