Greenergy Debates


Why Greenergy Debates?

Through Greenergy Debates-2017, we aim to instigate ideas and analysis in the young minds of the country who shall strive to build a sustainable, democratic and just economy that preserves our planet and works for all people. These ideas shall ultimately strengthen the people’s energy mobilization and contribute in making the country’s message regarding the issue of energy crisis more effective. At the same time, it will provide young people with a platform to engage in thematic issues as the debaters will exercise the roles of public leaders and discuss the most pressing issues of green energy.


The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy.” Arnold Schwarzenegger


Tournament Details

The Greenergy Debates- 2017 is a two-day long tournament with group stages on the first day and the semi-finals & finals on the second. The tournament will follow a 3 on 3 parliamentary debating format, which is one of the highly acclaimed debating formats in various universities and high schools all around the world. Each educational institution is highly encouraged to send a team of 3 students of grade 8, 9, and/or 10 as per the requirement of the debate format. A simple session on the basics of modern format debating and introduction to the format will be held on the date of registration for debaters, two days prior the preliminary rounds for debaters who are new to parliamentary debating formats.

As the name suggests the theme of the tournament will be pressing issues on green energy. The tournament will address corresponding national and global issues through the debate motions.


Objectives of the Tournament

  1. To highlight and give new perspectives to the various aspects of green energy.
  2. To document debater’s opinions on various green energy issues.
  3. To provide a platform for students to start debating and enhance their skills.
  • This tournament should be well received and even perhaps applauded by other alternative energy affiliated organizations based on the matter of content and quality of organizing.



  • The registration fee for the tournament for each team (3 people) is NRs. 1,000 that will cover for the lunch for the debaters as well as the adjudicators during the tournament.
  • The deadline for the registration is 22nd Jan 2017.
  • The first day includes Group Stage. The finals will be held on the second day in front of various experts and professors.

For registration, fill up the form below and send it to

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For further information contact: 9843200909