The Fastest Airplane – AH-1

Pritam Sapkota (072BME 630)

Air travel is one of the most convenient forms of long distance travel. After the industrial revolution, people and goods mostly travelled using coal-powered railways, that too mostly domestic travels. The fuel-powered ships made it possible to cross the seven seas, but that too became much inconvenient as it took a significant amount of time and fuel for a single voyage. It was after wright brothers, when humans took into the skies. The commercial development of aircrafts brought upon convenience and speed into long distance travel. Today more than hundreds of thousands of airplanes take off on a daily basis.


Even with the convenience of air travel, commercial airplanes are quite slow compared to the possibility of speeds air travel can achieve. With airspeeds at an average of Mach 0.5 (half the speed of sound) during take-off and even less during the flight has had a significant affect upon the travel time. In fact, Singapore airlines offer a trip from Singapore to New York, roughly 9000 miles, clocks in at a 17-18-hour flight. The numbers may vary from airplanes to airplane and route to route, but the hectic lives of people in the modern day and age requires fast and convenient forms of travel.
In comes Concorde, the world’s fastest airline. This beautiful yet magnificent beast soared the skies during the 80s with speeds far surpassing Mach 1. The Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde is a British-French turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner that was operated from 1976 until 2003. It had a maximum speed over twice the speed of sound at Mach 2.04 (1,354 mph or 2,180 km/h at cruise altitude), with seating for 92 to 128 passengers. First flown in 1969, Concorde entered service in 1976 and continued flying for the next 27 years. It is one of only two supersonic transports to have been operated commercially; the other is the Soviet-built Tupolev Tu-144, which operated in passenger service from 1977 to 1978.

(Wikipedia: Concorde).
The plane was so fast that it could cross the Atlantic in 3.5 hours, and it’s all thank to its unique design. After spending millions of dollars into supersonic R and D, a consequence of cold war competition and engineering, in came concord. At a time of no design software or computers, the Concorde was a consequence of Maths and several trial and errors. It is significantly long, slender and a unique wingspan to compensate for the heat transfer at supersonic speeds. It’s Delta wing, a Greek letter shaped like a triangle was what made it stand out and made it possible for takeoff and landing. The next is the “Snoop droop”, a feature that lets the nose of the concord dip during landing. To minimize drag, it soared so high that one could see the earth curve!
The failure of the Concorde plane was the consequence of Air-France 4590 on July, 2000, when it crashed during take-off and killed 115 people. Another one was the September attacks on 2001 in the United States world trade Centre which depressed airline revenue. Another reason was its loud noise at supersonic speeds, making over land travel almost unbearable for the public. Being a luxury plane, the Concorde went into a drastic loss and eventually had to ground permanently, in 2003.
With newer technologies developing and taking innovation to a whole new level, the area of airline travel might also experience changes for the better. Maybe we can reduce the drawbacks of the SST (Supersonic Travel) and bring upon a safer, faster and cheaper means of air travel. With the insane growth and capability of the human mind, maybe we will witness a new form of travel within the century. But until, they perfect “ghost-effect” of Quantum physics, we have to make do with the commercial aircrafts we have today.

industrial attachment सम्बन्धमा बैठक सम्पन्न


आज  पुल्चोक क्याम्पस मेकानिकल तेस्रो बर्ष (072BME ) मा अध्यनरत बिद्यार्थी का प्रतिनिधि र मेकानिकल डिपार्टमेन्ट बिच industrial atttachemnt सम्बन्धमा एक बैठक सम्पन्न भएको छ । चौथो वर्ष प्रथम खण्ड अनुरुप आश्विन-मङ्सिर बिदामा सम्पन्न गर्नुपर्ने industrial attachment (ME706 ) को बिषय मा देखा परेका समस्या को समाधान गर्दै कसरि सो कार्यलाई चुस्त दुरुस्त बनाउन सकिन्छ भन्ने उदेश्यमा छलफल केन्द्रित रहेको थियो। उक्त बैठक तलको निस्कर्ष का साथ टुंगिएको जानकारी गराउन चाहन्छौ।

१. तत्काल का लागि भएका निर्णयहरु :
१.१ industrial atttachemnt सम्बन्धमा मिति २०७५ असोज २ गते ११ बजे एक orientation कार्यक्रम गरिने ।
१.२ सो मिति सम्म मा कुनै पनि industy वा संघ संस्था मा industrial atttachemnt को व्यवस्था नमिले सकेका बिद्यार्थी हरुको लागि डिपार्टमेन्ट मार्फत पूर्ण सहयोग प्रदान गरिने ।

२. दिर्घकालिन निर्णयहरु:
२.१ एक अध्यन समिति गठन गरि industrial atttachemnt सम्बन्धका विभिन्न बिषयमा अध्यन गरिने र त्यस समितिले बुजाएको प्रतिबेदन का आधार मा थप काम गरिने ।
२.२विभागीय प्रमुख ले भिबिन्न industry हरु संग MoU sign गर्नलाई IOE dean संग पहल गर्ने ।
२.३ industrial atttachemnt लाइ सहज बनाउन कम्तिमा सो बिषयमा एक शिक्षक नियुक्त गर्न माग गर्ने ।
(माथि उल्लेखित निर्णय २.२ र २.३ को लागि HOD संग अधिकार नभएको तर उहा ले dean समक्ष पहल गर्ने प्रतिबद्दता ब्यक्त गर्नु भएको छ)
उक्त बैठक मा ०७२ BME का तर्फबाट SOMES president BiKash Kunwar ,स्वबियु सदस्य हरु Ramesh Joshi Deepak Sapkota, कक्षा प्रतिनिधि आदित्य अमात्य र र डिपार्टमेन्ट का तर्फ बाट HOD डा. नवराज भट्टराई , Deputy HOD रुद्र मणि घिमिरे र Assistant Professor डा. अजय कुमार झा को उपस्थिति रहेको थियो।

MECH-Talk 1 “Engineering, Innovation Entreprenaurship”

MECH Talks-1

8 August 2018,

SOMES committee 2018/019 initiated the first of many talk programs entitled “MECH-talks” today at D-Hall, Department of Mechanical Engineering. The core idea behind the first session was to inspire students to take up extra- activities alongside their academic life. The session was themed “Engineering, Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, which primary focus on Entrepreneurial practices, challenges and prospects of working on a start-up after graduation. MECH talks hosted speakers from the most up and coming startup companies from Nepal which included:

1. Er. Subash Neupane, Prokura Innovations
2. Er. Ashim Pandey and Er. Prabin Sherpaili, Yatri Motorcycle
3. Er. Amrit Adhikari, GRIT
4. Team Two-Wheeler Self Balancing Vehicle





The interactive session began with Er. Subash Neupane from Prokura innovations, who shared his experiences, problems and highlights of his journey and shared some insights into their projects and future plans. Er. Ashim Pandey and Er. Prabin Sherpaili from Yatri Motorcycles talked about their up and coming e-motorcycles, the problems of the urban commute and the possibilities to fight against them. Further, they shared some of the intricate characteristics of their motorcycle and their future plans to make Urban commute pollution-free, noise-free, efficient and overall effective. Er. Amrit Adhikari, from GRIT, a recent graduate of DoME, pulchowk shared his experiences, past projects, problems of his journey. He also gave an insightful talk about skill development at an early age and proper utilization of free time to pursue entrepreneurial practices.

Finally, students from 072BME involved in Two-wheeler self-balancing vehicle shared their experiences on working on the project.

One of the first sessions of Mech-talk was concluded with a hope to have inspired the attendees to take on similar measures to reach their goals and also opened possibilities for other similar programs in coming days.


Kudos to the team and Sunil Dahal, the coordinator of the event.  

Flashmob at CAN-Info tech


Jan 30(Tuesday), 2018,


SOMES MechTrix8.0 Flashmob team conducted their Flashmob performance at the CAN-Info tech. This was set as a promotional event for the upcoming 8th annual National Mechanical expo MechTrix8.0.

As the days progresses MechTrix8.0 Draws near. mark your calendars for 2nd, 3rd and 4th of February.

Walkathon for MechTrix8.0 succesfully conducted


Jan 31(Wednesday), 2018, 

SOMES successfully conducted their Walkathon 2018. This event was aimed to be a promotional event for the upcoming 8th annual Mechanical exhibition  MechTrix8.0 happening on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of February, 2018. 

The walkathon initiated from IOE Pulchowk campus along with the Tri-Hybrid Vehicle Motika and with a turnabout at Basantapur Durbar Square, ended at the campus itself.

The Flash-mob team conducted their flash-mob program on the premise of Basantapur.

With this the hype towards MechTrix has taken a new turn. 2nd, 3rd and 4th February, whenever is suitable for our viewers please mark your calendars and visit this wonderful event.