Carrier Planning Seminar

Monday,7,24,2017 The committee is highly delighted to inform that Carrirer Planning seminar was a great success. The two hours program was conducted in D hall (Mechanical Department) and the speakers were Prof. M. C Luitel, Er. Y. P Gaire and Er. Ayush Parajuli.   Prof M. C Luitel’s part of the seminar was centered towards […]

Workshop on Greenergy Debates 2017

Workshop on Greenergy Debates 2017 was conducted on 24th January 2017 (Magh 11 2073) at D-hall, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Pulchowk Campus by SOMES.  Ten teams from different schools each containing 3 members were present at the program. The program was mainly focused on overview and explanation of the parliamentary debating format to the teams […]

National level Mechanical Exhibition organized in Pulchowk Campus.

  Every year SOMES organizes Mechanical Exhibition in the month of February. Following the trends,this year’s exhibition was organized on 22 and 23 of Magh with main theme “Clean and Affordable Energy: Today’s Elixir”.More focus was given “Energy Village” was the main attraction. It showed the available energy resources in Nepal like solar concentrators,modified chulos,etc. […]

Workshop on help us to help you.

Organised at January 1st 2016 The event was a basic interactive workshop to collects inputs about: What can somes do? What should it do for the development of students? etc.. A crowd mass with much interaction was observed in this event making it a huge success. The inputs from the students were analysed and the upcoming […]