Call for articles.

We consider consulting books when we come across a problem more often not only in our engineering life. And I bet, almost all of us have subscribed at least a page in Facebook that provides us decent articles in the field of our study or interest. This shows what text and figures on a paper are worth. They make us what to learn and thus we learn.
Writing is the best way to share what you know, feel and understand. Many of us prepare ourselves for the examinations writing what we have learnt. We almost always try to consult and discuss with our friends and teachers writing text and figures on a sheet of paper. Thus, there is no better way to share your ingenious ideas than writing it down.
So, SOMES provides you with a platform to put forth what you know, what you feel people should understand and what your ideas can do via SOMES’s new annual magazine “Mecanum”. SOMES feels the prospect of publishing a magazine is immense because it will not only enhance one’s writing skills or one’s vision but portray one’s invaluable ideas all over the world. Continue reading “Call for articles.”