Kurukshetra: The Battle of Drones


Design a wireless remote controlled flying platform to complete an obstacle course in minimum time without crashing.


The path will consist of loops, bends, underpass, overpass in random sequence along an aerial track, testing pilot and machine maneuverability skills.


Arena is of dimension 18m long

● Start and End zone has a dimension of 1m x 1m.

● Path 1 consists of a zigzag path structure with gaps of 1m.

● Path 2 consists of a ring of height 2m and radius 0.5m. 

● Path 3 consists of a ring of height 1m and radius 0.5m on other side to the previous side.

● In path 4 consists of a ring of height 2m and radius 0.5m.

● In path 5, the machine has to be landed at the end zone.


Game Rules:

● Drone should be 50*50cm motor to motor.

● The participant will be considered for scoring only if his drone completes the mentioned path in 3 min.

● During departure and approach to landing, or at the time of flight the drone should not touch the ground, otherwise the participant has to strat from the checkpoint. The weight of drone must be same before takeoff and landing. (+/ 50gm)

● Broken propellers are allowed, and will not invalidate a flight attempt.


Competition Rules:

● Flight time for a run is defined as the time taken by the drone to follow the mentioned path.

● A maximum time of 5 minutes from start to exit from Arena will be given to complete the circuit.

● The drone has to be kept in the start zone in the starting itself.

● The timer will start from the moment the countdown finish.

● The timer will stop only when the drone finally comes to Start zone.

● Each team will be given three runs and the better of the three will be considered for the calculation of points.

A. Three chances would be given for each run.

B. If the team thinks that the plane is not functioning properly they can use the other chance.

C. If the drone crosses Path 1, the rerun will not be given.

●  50 points will be awarded after each path is crossed.

● 50 extra points will be given after Path 12 is crossed. Similarly, 50 extra points will be awarded after crossing Path 56

●  If any team fails to cross any particular path then 60 points will be deducted and can be moved to go next path.

● 100 points will be given for perfect landing.


● Scoring of mentioned path will be:

Score = (180- time taken) + points earned

In the case of Draw following rules will be followed:

– Small dimension will be given priority.

– Lowest weight of drone will win.

Certificate Policy:

● Certificate of excellence will be awarded to the top 3 teams.

●Certificate of Participation will be given to those teams who complete the track at least once, without being disqualified.