Mech-TriX 8.0

8th National Mechanical Exhibition

MechTRIX 8.0 (8th National Mechanical Exhibition) is the continuation of the annual festival organized by Society of Mechanical Engineering Students (SOMES), in association with Department of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk campus and the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of Nepal. The event is going to start on 19th of Magh. It will continue until 21st of Magh.

International Symposium

Witness Renowned Scholars and Academicians of Both Nepal and Abroad Give Their Views.

Math-Physics Olympiad

Unleash the inner physicist. Compete against others all over the valley to find

where your knowledge stands.

BME designs

Explore the technological feats achieved by Undergraduates all across Nepal.

On The Event

Special Events

The exhibition will set the pace with special events. These special events will act as attractive side of the main event. 

i. Drone Competition: Race where drones will compete to accomplish a task given to them.
ii. Robo-Ball: Robots will be set in a field to play football with another robotic team.
iii. Go-Kart Racing: The GO-Karts developed by the students of different colleges will be set to race and thrive the audience. 

Non-Competitive Event

8th National Mechanical Exhibition will consist of exhibition stalls from various educational and professional institutions. Anyone from professional or educational field in Mechanical Engineering, who wants to exhibit their project or any other related materials, can participate as an exhibitor being a part of a non-competitive event. The events will focus on exhibition of final year projects of students of mechanical engineering students across the country. Along with exhibition stalls, the events will have bookstalls, business stalls, food stalls and many more.

Competitive Events

This event aims to provide a steppingstone to the +2 level Science students towards the Engineering future. Along with this as a major competitive event, other gaming events, either formal or informal, will also be conducted.


Recreational Events

The purpose of this event is to provide spectators and enthusiasts with an opportunity to take their mind off of technical events and enjoy themselves. Multiple gaming events as well as lucky draws will be included in the event. Bingo Mania, FIFA, Live Music, Food stalls, Cultural programs, Hybrid car ride, Game stalls etc.


With MechTRIX 8.0, we have new events exclusive to the Mech-Trix Franchise.

Automobile Display Section: This section is to demonstrate the various new technologies in automotive sectors.

Aeronautical Model Display Section: The section aims to provide basic concept about aeronautics and show them some of the model that are currently on use by various industries. 

Mechanism Display Section: The various mechanism are basic of mechanical engineering and its outcome. This section provides basic information about mechanism to non-technical visitors. 

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