Photo Contest

MechTrix Photo Competition

SOMES on the occasion of 7th National Mechanical Exhibition is going to organize online theme based photo contest as a pre-event. The theme for the contest is “Pollution Awareness and Eradication”.

Rebel against waste and pollution that plagues our daily livelihood. Show your creative side while changing everyone’s perception of Pollution.

Interested photographers can submit their photo here.

Submission date: 01/09/073 – 09/09/073

Submitted photos will be short-listed and then shared on our facebook page publicly along with the participant’s details.The winner will be chosen from those short-listed photographs on the basis of facebook likes and consent of organizers.

Basic Rules:

      • Please submit your own work. No plagiarism will be supported. Include description, location* and caption.
      • The winner will be decided partially based on facebook likes and whether the photo impacts the understanding and views of people regarding pollution.
      • Format:
        •          Each entry must be accompanied by a caption.
        •          Images must:
              • Be submitted in JPEG or PNG format
              • Be high resolution
              • File Size less than 5MB
      • Digital manipulation that distorts the reality of the images will not be allowed. Only basic enhancements such as sharpening, contrast adjustment, or simple cropping will be allowed. Photograph with watermarks will not be accepted.
      • The organizer reserves the right to reject images with incomplete details. All submitted images are non-returnable. The file name for each image should be clearly labeled with the participant’s name, and where the image was taken.
      • Best photos will be showcased on the MechTrix Exhibition @Pulchowk Campus.
      • Winners will be promoted in our official media handles.


To be declared soon.


We are accepting photo entries which display the effects of pollution on people’s life and the environment as whole. The entries should visually express the difference adverse pollution makes in the working of our cities and homes in general. Please consider what scenarios best portrays the waste and pollution problems and be creative. Here are some samples for you to consider:

Best of luck!



Photos references:,_pollution,_environment,_Russia,_Bellingshausen_4.JPG