SOMES Hub is a project that is initiated for providing reading resources to Mechanical Engineering students . Since the students are unknown about the resources they can get in internet and it’s a tedious job to do so, we have made it easier for you by creating a SOMES hub which consist of all the requirement from 1st semester to 8th semester.

Here is the list of books and other materials arranged in order of semesters.Also, those who have extra resources that may be helpful to your friends or juniors apart from these can contact SOMES Committee Members to supply those resources.


1st Semester

  • Engineering Drawing.
  • Fundamental of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
  • Chemistry.
  • Computer Programming.
  • Mathematics.

2nd Semester

  • Engineering Drawing II [ME451]
  • Basic Electronics Engineering  [EX451]
  • Applied Mechanics [CE451]
  • Engineering Physics [SH452]
  • Basic Electronics Engineering  [EX451]

3rd Semester

  • Mathematics III  [SH501]
  • Material Science [ME 501]
  • Engineering Mechanics [ME 502]
  • Metrology [ME 503]
  • Applied Thermodynamics [ME 504]
  • Computer Aided Drawing [ME 505]

4th Semester

  • Probability And Statistics [SH 552]
  • Electrical Machine [EE 554]
  • Manufacturing And Production Processes [ME 551]
  • Strength of Materials [ME 552]
  • Instrumentation and Measurement [ME 553]
  • Fluid Mechanics [ME 554].

5th Semester

  • Numerical Methods [SH603]
  • Control System [EE602]
  • Organization and Management [ME601]
  • Mechanics of Solids [ME602]
  • Heat Transfer [ME 604]
  • Fluid Machines [ME605]

6th Semester

  • Communication English [SH651]
  • Machine Design I [ME651]
  • Industrial Engineering and Management [ME652]
  • Theory of Mechanism and Machine I [ME653]
  • Internal Combustion Engines [ME654]
  • Energy Resources [ME655]

7th Semester

  • Machine Design II [ME701]
  • Theory of Mechanism and Machine II [ME702]
  • Engineering Economics [ME703]
  • Turbo Machines [ME704]
  • Environment and Pollution Control [ME705]
  • Industrial Attachment [ME 706].

8th Semester

  • Project Engineering [CE 751]
  • Finite Element Method [ME751]
  • Engineering Professional Practice [CE 752]
  • Project I & II ME


1st Semester

  • Applied Mechanics
  • Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Drawing I
  • Engineering Math I
  • Engineering Physics
  • Workshop Technology

2nd Semester

  • Basic Electronics 
  • C Programming
  • Engineering Chemistry
  • Engineering Drawing II
  • Engineering Math II
  • Fundamental of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

3rd Semester

  • Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
  • Engineering Math III
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Fundamental of Aerospace Engineering