Physics and Math Olympiad

Physics – Math Olympiad 2017, pre-event of Mechtrix 7.0 – 7th national mechanical exhibition, is a competition of +2 level students, a test of knowledge of science subjects like Physics and Mathematics with the goal to discover potential promising and brilliant young minds in the country. It pursues to recognize the importance of deeper understanding in education and promoting the value of conceptual learning. It is scheduled on Sunday, Magh 16, 2073.It is organized by past Olympians currently studying in Pulchowk.

Olympiad is a different platform for students to show their talent. It checks the logical reasoning capability, thinking capability, the analytical reasoning of students. Scientists and Mathematicians think for the solution of the same problem for a long time. Some problem remain unsolved which we have to figure out. For that reason, logical thinking, analytical reasoning etc are needed.

  • 6 questions will be asked.
  • Three from physics and three from math.
  • Time: 3 hours (11 am to 2 pm)
  • Calculator is not allowed
  • Any proven theorem can be used
  • Fundamental theorem should be stated
  • Higher knowledge can be used

– SOMES Olympiad Committee

SOMES Olympiad committee is a newly formed part of SOMES as a team dedicated to successfully conducting, promoting and establishing a culture of Olympiad in Nepal.