The Society of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Students (SOMAES) is the official students’ body of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Pulchowk Campus. Established in 2007 AD, SOMAES has been undertaking the responsibility of bringing out the innovator, the manager, the teacher and the craftsman inside every student by organizing and involving the students in various events, trainings, workshops and seminars as well as being the bridge between students, the administration and our alumni.


SOMAES Hub is a project that is initiated for providing reading resources to mechanical students under IOE. We have made it easier for you by creating a SOMAES hub which consist of all the requirement.


The event is the major attraction of MechTRIX Expo and has been held annually. The event focuses on showcasing various projects and demonstrations made by BE level students 


Here, you can find the list of Article and other materials written and collected by students. Extra resources that may be helpful to friends or juniors. You can contact MeroSpace Committee Members to supply those resources.

Pulchowk Campus

A Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus is the most prestigious institution for higher education in the country. Established in 1972 AD at the heart of the city, Pulchowk Lalitpur, the campus today is the epitome for engineering education in the country. With a wide range of faculties and streams to garnish and produce the best talents in engineering,it is the landmark in excellence and quality education.



Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
IOE Pulchowk Campus
Lalitpur, Nepal


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