MechTRIX 2020

11th National Mechanical Engineering Expo



For A Better Tomorrow

MechTRIX 2020 was operated under the theme “ For a Better Tomorrow ” promoting the culture of waste management and environmental accountability. Various events which included students from different schools, colleges and universities were  based on this theme. The main motto of this exhibition was not only to provide a platform for students,who are the building blocks of the country, to display their skills but also to make them aware of environmental challenges.



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Solidworks Training

Photography Challange

Robotics Crash Course

Design Challange

Mechanical Junk Art

Flashmob and Walkathon



BE Design

The event is the major attraction of MechTRIX Expo and has been held annually. The event focuses on showcasing various projects based on the theme of corresponding year and demonstrations made by BE level students .

Aero Section

Aero Section in MechTRIX is all about the projects and displays related to Aerospace Engineering. The main objective of this section is to introduce every aspect of Aerospace to the common people and to raise the interest of general public in this sector.

Auto Section

Being a Mechanical Expo, MechTRIX  demonstrates the latest and current trends in automobiles.The main objective of this section is to introduce every aspect of Automobile sector to the common people .

+2 Design

+2 Design is MechTRIX’s platform for upcoming bright minds in high schools to showcase their talents to the corporates and the professional community. Mech-TRIX has been providing this platform for schools across the country.

Water Rocket Competition

Water Rocket is a simple type of rocket made with bottles by adding water (about 1/3) and pressurizing it with air for launching. This event is targeted for secondary level students so that they can understand the principles of aeronautics used in it. . In this competition, the participant should make the rocket at the venue itself which should be able to hit the ground nearest to the target.

Go-Kart Racing

The Go-Kart racing, initiated in MechTRIX 8, is a purely racing event. The event features racing around the track in student-made and driven go-karts. The Go-Kart racing is a national level event with participants from different universities.

Drone Racing

This is the event which encompasses drones battling with one another to find the superior of them all.  Pilots can show their skills with their drones and also their racing spirits.It is a time trial event in which a drone must complete the course, the fastest time to complete the course will be crowned.

Robo wars

Robo wars is a Robot Combat Competition where participants compete with each other for the coveted Robowars Champion Title. Held inside a closed arena, robots battle until one knocks the other out.

Glider Competition

Glider is a light aircraft that is designed to fly without using an engine. Balsa wood or Styrofoam gliders  are an inexpensive vehicle for students to have fun  while learning the basics of aerodynamics


Bingo is a game of chance in which each player matches numbers printed in different arrangements on cards which the numbers the game host (caller) draws at random.Players compete against one another to be the first to have a winning arrangement for the prize or jackpot making the envirnoment completely entertainment based.

Theamatic Stalls

These paid stalls demonstrate latest trends in the market and are a platform for showcasing the latest products developed by the upcoming and established startups help create a future generation of entrepreneurs.

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