Walkathon for MechTrix8.0 succesfully conducted

  Jan 31(Wednesday), 2018,  SOMES successfully conducted their Walkathon 2018. This event was aimed to be a promotional event for the upcoming 8th annual Mechanical exhibition  MechTrix8.0 happening on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of February, 2018.  The walkathon initiated from IOE Pulchowk campus along with the Tri-Hybrid Vehicle Motika and with a turnabout at Basantapur […]

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Olympiad 2018 Successfully Completed

On January 27th, 2018, SOMES team led by Mr. Rabindra Acharya, successfully organized the Maths-Physics Olympiad, one of two pre-events of MechTrix8.0, on the day. The event , a continuation of last years Olympiad for Mechtrix7.0, was targeted to High School students (+2, A-levels) as a means of encouraging young students pursuing the field of […]

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International Symposium Control-, Energy- and Nano-Engineering (ISCEN)

Jan 27th, 2018, Society Of Mechanical Engineering Students(SOMES), IOE, Pulchowk, successfully organized the “1st International Symposium Control-, Energy- and Nano-Engineering (ISCEN)” with the motto “Mechanical Engineering: Engine for nation’s prosperity” in National Academy of Science And Technology(NAST). The event was one of the two pre-events of MechTrix8.0, the 8th National Mechanical Exhibition, on the day, […]

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Olympiad Question-Soultions

With the successful completion of Math-Physics Olympiad 2018, a pre-event of MechTrix8.0 held on 27th January,2018, the team would like to express gratitude towards all the participants. We were extremely delight to witness first-hand the interest of our young students towards STEM. Although, the questions were designed to be above bar to really asses the […]

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